The Sweetest Thing | Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

This was love at first sight! Perfectly waiting for me on a Sephora shelf like a Valentine’s miracle!

Too Faced_bonbons 8_edit

When it comes to beauty products I am usually more attracted to very sleek black and white packaging. But just looking at this palette makes me so happy! I had to have it.

It actually reminds me of vintage Polly Pocket sets. You know, those late 80’s early 90’s adorable tiny little doll houses contained inside a plastic heart … Who reminds those?!

The shadows smell like chocolate and are beautiful to look at too! (Valentine’s miracle I am telling you…)

Besides the looks of it all, this eyeshadows perform as you would expect Too Faced shadows to do. They have very good pigmentation, they are very soft, blend well and allow you to create many different looks. You can either go very natural and minimal or very bold and creative. I love that there is a mix of cold tone and warm tone shadows.

Too Faced_bonbons_open 16_edit

I think this is one of the most fun, adorable, useful and wearable palettes to hit the market lately. Some of my personal favourite shadows are Cafe au lait, Bordeaux, Mocha and Almond Truffle.

Too Faced_bonbons_swat 1_edit

What do you guys think ? Yay or nay for cuteness ?