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Face Cleansers Review


For today’s post, I decided to tell you all about the cleansers that I’m currently using in rotation. Usually, I would be using just three. One in the shower and two different ones in the bathroom sink (one more clarifying and one more hydrating) but the Sanoflore and the MUJI ones were staring at me from their shelf and I couldn’t wait any longer to try them up!

Just FYI, I will be reviewing this products as proper cleansers on clean skin, not as makeup removers. I personally tend to remove all of my makeup using a micellar water and then wash my naked face with one of this cleansers. I think professionals call it the second cleanse.


Algotherm Cleansing Marine Gel

Face Cleansers Review, Algotherm Cleansing Marine Gel

This is the one I had for the longest and is like a never ending product. I got it from the infamous Parisian pharmacie Citypharma looking to try something new.

Formula: it has a light blue creamy gel consistency. You can massage the gel onto the skin and then in contact with water it becomes a milky foam. It rinses off easily. This cleansing gel has no parabens or phenoxyethanol. Ingredients include glycerin, glucoside, sodium citrate, avocado oil, fish extract, calcium, among other ingredients. As most french skincare, it has some fragrance added. It smells fresh and clean but not soapy.

Skin types: all skin types. It’s refreshing enough for oily skins and creamy enough for dry skins. I have sensitive skin and I would say this one is the most gentle of the bunch.

Results: I really really like this cleanser. For me is like the safe option of the group. If I’m having a bad skin day and nothing is working, I’ll use this marine gel to cleanse my face and call it a day. Skin feels clean and fresh, no redness on sight.

Where to get it: in the UK, in the US, otherwise in almost any French pharmacie. More info about the brand


Lancome Creme Douceur Cream-to-oil Massage Cleanser

Face Cleansers Review, Lancome Creme Douceur Cleanser

This is the one I’ve almost finished up. This cleanser has a very interesting consistency that is like nothing else I’ve tried before.

Formula: it has a thick creamy consistency that in contact with the skin becomes a balm and as you massage it in it becomes an oil. The more you massage it into the skin the lightest in consistency it gets. It emulsifies as a milk when you rinse it off. Some of the ingredients are water, glycerin, alcohol denat, silica, flower extract, methylparaben, among others. Scent is a fresh floral.

Skin types: it says all skin types but as you already know it’s an oily balm, so… I would say dry skin girls will like it better. If you are comfortable with an oily consistency then go for it!

Results: skin feels clean, plumped and hydrated. I think the massage property of this cleanser is quite clever. Mature skins should definitely give this one a try.

Where to get it: in the US,,, apparently not available in the UK.


ACURE Sensitive Facial Cleanser

This is the one I got at Whole Foods. I wanted something natural where the list of the missing ingredients is almost longer than the actual ingredients list itself. You know the deal! No sulfate, no paraben, no silicone, no petroleum, no gluten… to the basket it went!

Formula: moussey-cream. I am confused with this product! They say in the directions massage on wet face, but if you do so, the product becomes just foam, loads of it! It feels like soap really. It takes some time to rinse it off properly. It has been formulated without parabens or sulfates. Ingredients are almost all organic: chamomile extract, berry juice, rosehips extract, pomegranate, coconut oil, sugar, vitamin E, among many others. It smells strongly of something but I can’t point out what it is.

Skin types: they say dry+sensitive but I personally wouldn’t recommend it for dry skins.

Results: I’m not sure about this cleanser. I am currently using it in the shower because it foams like crazy, I get it all over the face, neck, ears… even if I use a little bit. I think the ingredients are great but there is something in the formula that ruins the party for everybody else. My skin feels clean buy dry after use.

Where to get it: in the US at Whole Foods,,, in the UK,


MUJI Cleansing Gel Cream

This is the one that was such a pleasant surprise. MUJI products are simple and work!

Formula: consistency is a thick gel. Feels fresh and nice when you lather it on the skin and consistency remains a soft gel/balm. Becomes milky in contact with water. Rinses off easily. Some of the ingredients are: water, butylene glycol, glycerin, apricot juice, raspberry extract, lemon juice, rose extract, sodium hyaluronate, collagen, among others. Scent is almost imperceptible.

Skin types: targeted to aging skin but I would say anyone can use it.

Results: this one has to be one of my favourites of the bunch. Skin feels clean, soft and plumped. I’m so glad I picked it up! It reminds me of my favourite Shiseido cleanser that I can’t get outside of Japan. I strongly recommend you check MUJI for all skincare and toiletries.

Where to get it: in the US, in the UK Also available in MUJI stores.


Sanoflore Gelee Magnifica Purifying Cleanser

This is the one I was most excited to try because I absolutely adore their toner from the same range. Sanoflore is a great french natural skincare brand. So far I love everything I’ve tried from them so expectations were high.

Formula: a runny thin gel. It lathers very easily on the skin and becomes a soft milky foam in contact with water (no crazy soapy foam here). Rinses off easily. 99% of the formula are natural ingredients, 40% of them are organic. It contains peppermint leaf water, glycerin, glucoside, lemon peel oil, spearmint leaf oil, linanool, lavender water, among other ingredients. The scent is beautiful, fresh and minty!

Skin types: all skin types and recommended for sensitive skins. Don’t be fooled by the peppermint and lemon. This cleanser truly is very gentle to the skin. What magic did they put in there?!

Results: I love this one too. It’s my favourite of all the natural/organic offers out there. Skin feels clean, fresh and soft after using the Gelee Magnifica and no redness on sight. I strongly recommend the Magnifica range and the Sanoflore brand in general. If you are going to France this summer, stock up!

Where to get it: French pharmacies. In the UK More info about the brand

Overall, the only one that I’m not convinced with is the Acure. My highlights are the Sanoflore (ingredients, scent) and the MUJI (consistency), and I also give a special mention to the Lancome one because the cream to balm, to oil, to milk, massage property is like nothing else I’ve tried before. The Algotherm is a very nice gentle cleanser but if it’s too difficult to get hold of, then an Avene cleanser will probably perform in a similar way.

Happy Weekend Friends! X