Terracotta Dreams | MAC Faerie Whispers Picks

The aesthetics of this collection just won me over! Warm earthy tones, lilacs and faeries.

Faerie Whispers Collection (Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

Faerie Whispers Collection (Credit: MAC Cosmetics)


It didn’t take me too long to visit MAC’s website and buy a couple of things. It was my first online MAC purchase and I felt oddly proud about it!

Let me tell you, this collection is beautiful! I am surprised to see that there hasn’t been a massive rush to buy every single product of the collection and for it to be sold out immediately. I wonder if the natural look has been a bit overdone the last couple of years…  For my part, I will never get tired of it.

I tried to control myself and picked up just 2 products. I got a lipstick and a blush, and I can already report that it is true love.

MAC_Fairie1_edit MAC_Fairie5_edit


Both products perform beautifully. Cheek Pollen (how perfect is that name!?) is  a warm, earthy, terracotta colour. Not too orange, not too matte. It is the perfect touch of satin warmth to illuminate the complexion. It is very pretty! I think brunettes will love it. It complements chocolate hair and olive skin tones perfectly.

The lipstick is also gorgeous! I have a fair amount of brown lipsticks and still don’t own anything quite like it. It is a creamsheen warm chocolate colour, that is not too brown nor too intense, and gives a beautiful terracotta hue to your lips. If you like nudes, browns, and comfortable, nourishing formulas, then you need Among The Fireflies (another perfectly romantique name… Swoon!).

I am still tempted to get a couple more things from the collection, maybe some eyeshadows and a beauty powder. We’ll see… At the moment I am very happy with my two little new purchases. You can have a closer look to the entire collection here

This is a (not very ‘professionally taken’) picture of myself wearing both items

What do you guys think? Tired or not of the browny natural look?