Style the Espadrilles | The Cool, The Chic and The Beach

Shoe of the Season, espadrilles are THE pair to add to your wardrobe right now.

They are one of my favourite items that have made a comeback in fashion, as they are so comfortable, stylish and versatile. Thank you the 70’s!

Whether you are staying in the city this summer, or going to a fancy pool party, or maybe wandering by the coast with your family and friends, espadrilles are your best friends this season. Here I break down some styling options for you.


The Cool 

Or the ones to wear in the city, on the cafe’s terrace while sipping on a fresh glass of Pinot Grigio. Bliss!



How to style them?



The Chic

Or the ones to wear when you want to feel like Gisele Bundchen on a spring afternoon tea party. A girl can dream!



How to style them?



The Beach

Or the ones to wear for the sunset hour stroll by the coast. Tan on, sunglasses on, Instagram ready!



How to style them?



Are you also loving the espadrille comeback? Which style is your favourite? I want them all!