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I was in New York last week and took advantage of my stay in the city to shop around some stores that I don’t have the chance to visit very often.

I thought I would share the addresses with you in case you are planning a futur trip to NYC or are just generally curious about different stores and pretty things. Of course, you can always have a little shop session online too!



I absolutely adore this minimalist Japanese born store where you can find from fourniture, to stationary, to snacks, to bathroom, kitchen and travel products. Everything you find in there is useful and designed with a very sleek Japanese aesthetic.

This time I stocked up with some of my favourite beauty products. Their line for sensitive skin is brilliant!


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NYC Shopping Haul - MUJI

Light Toning Water – Cleansing Gel Cream – Cut Cotton – Towel Headband






In this store you can basically find everything and nothing at all! It’s a really fun store packed with all sorts of interesting objects. From kitchenware to stationary, to things you didn’t know you needed before. It’s like a mini IKEA for fun little objects! Everything is very cheap too. I bet you can’t leave the store empty handed.


NYC Shopping - Flying Tiger


NYC Shopping Haul - Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Ceramic Holder – Gift Bags – Fruity Cards – Paper Napkins






I heard of Henri Bendel thanks to several British beauty bloggers who visit the store when they are in New York. Because I’m a big accessories lover I decided I had to go and have a look! The store is big and has plenty of girly accessories. Jewelry, handbags, wallets, candles… I had the intention of picking up a ring or a bracelet but ended up taking advantage of their sale and bought a handbag (insert here monkey hiding eyes emoji).

To be fair, I’ve been searching for a new spring/summer, ideally caramel colour, not too small, not too big, handbag for a while now. They have several different designs and colours on sale now if you want to have a look.


NYC Shopping - Henri Bendel 5th Avenue


NYC Shopping Haul - Henri Bendel

Caramel Leather Crossbody Bag






I always pick up some book from the cities and countries I’ve visited. Whether is from a particular place or a local author, I love having those in my library as a reminder of the time I spent there. In a way, I travel again thanks to my bookshelves.

I got a couple of books from the museum shops I visited (you can also find all sort of design items, prints and fancy souvenirs in there) and also an historical novel from Union Square’s Barnes & Noble. If you love to read or you have people in your life who do so, I can highly recommend you visit this bookstore. They have a huge selection and the overall shop environment is lovely. A bit crowded but that makes me hopeful for the survival of books!


NYC Shopping Haul - Bookstores

A Japanese Constellation (MOMA) – The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide (The MET) – Empress Dowager Cixi. The concubine who launched modern China by Jung Chang (Barnes & Noble) – Coffee and Doughnuts Magnetic Page Clips (Barnes & Noble)


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What are your favourite things to bring back home from a trip? Do you have any particular shop to recommend in New York?