March Favourites | Best in Beauty, Books and Flowers

March has arrived to an end and it’s time to gather together the bits and pieces that have got me excited all along the month.


March Favourites




Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation | Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure In Full Blue-M | Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams in Stockholm (nude) and Rome (berry mauve)


Japonesque Kumadori Contour and Highlighting Brush | Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara | Jo Malone Vanille and Anise Cologne




In March I basically discovered my favourite foundation of all time: DIOR’s Diorskin Forever (I wear 020 Light Beige). The most beautiful medium to full coverage foundation that is invisible on the skin and has a luminous matte finish that some might call velvet. Great for the warmer weather as it has SPF 35+++ and shine control technology. LOVE!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara and NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams made a great addition to my makeup stash. Velvet Noir is a great mascara for lengthening and giving volume and it might also be the sexiest mascara packaging ever created. I recently bought NYX’s Lip Creams in Stockholm (the nude) and Rome (the berry mauve) and I really fancy them! The formula is comfortable to wear, not drying and long lasting. I have to pick up the shades Abu Dhabi and Cannes next.

A highlight of the month was also discovering Japonesque’s Kumadori brush ($19.00 at ULTA) which is very very similar to NARS’s Yachiyo #27 brush ($55.00 at Sephora). Great for any sort of powder really. I love using it for contour, highlighting and setting concealer under the eyes.

In Full Blue-M has to be one of the most beautiful pastel nail polishes I have ever owned. I’m so glad I picked it up! Looking at my nails make me happy when I wear this shade. The formula is amazing too. Easy to apply and no chipping for a week or so.

I bought Jo Malone’s Vanille & Anise Cologne over Christmas time. I thought I would stop wearing it once the holidays were over but I can’t stop wearing it! It’s addictive! Spicy and fresh at the same time. I tried to find a link to this particular cologne and I can’t find it anywhere… Has it been discontinued!? I’m freaking out now. WHY!?




March Favourites - Lisa See Books


I am obsessed with Lisa See’s books. I am so happy I discovered this writer that I want to tell everybody about it. The first one I read was Shanghai Girls (‘Filles de Shanghai’ in french) and I was so moved by the story, the characters, the voice of women, the historical facts… This book tells the story of Chinese sisters May and Pearl as they grow up in Shanghai in the 1930s and have to leave China for the USA during the Japanese occupation… (for more info about the book click this link). When I finished the book I felt a big hole in my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s when I realised I’ve fallen in love with the author’s voice. Her portrayal of women, history and culture. Later on the same week I finished Shanghai Girls, I was walking around a second hand bookshop when I stumbled upon Peony in love and Snow flower and the secret fan. It was a sign! I got them both. I already finished ‘Peony in Love’ and let me tell you it was an emotional rollercoaster! If you enjoy historical reads, Chinese culture and love-stories then you have to read this one! I am currently starting ‘Snow flower and the secret fan’. I will certainly get Lisa See’s other books during the year. I’m hooked!

Lisa See Books: 'Shanghai Girls' - 'Peony In Love' - 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan'

Lisa See Books: ‘Shanghai Girls’ – ‘Peony In Love’ – ‘Snow Flower and the Secret Fan’




I moved to california not too long ago and the sunny weather and slow weekends have inspired me to start a new hobby: gardening. Yes friends, I’ve spent my march weekends strolling around nurseries and planting away. My patio smells like flowers and at the moment very little excites me more than a new baby flower. Here are some pictures of my blooms


March Favourites | My Flowers


I usually get the spring fever more so in the middle of April but this year it happened early in March. I’m already feeling the floral craze and daydreaming of pastels! Anyway… I’m ready to welcome April. Let’s do this!

How was your March? Any favourites that stood out?

Happy April everyone! X