I had a couple of not very successful trips to the drugstore lately so I felt like revisiting my own collection and put together a look with my favourite bits!

It’s mostly a natural look but I added some shimmery shadows to give it a touch of light and warmth for summer.








For this week’s makeupI’ve never used all these products together so it was a bit of an experiment. This is how it turned out! As a base I used Garnier Clearly Brighter SPF 30 (it’s important to use SPF under your makeup, specially during summer), Bourjois Happy Light Matifying Primer (summer must-have as well) and L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation (203 Nude Beige). In my eyes, L’oreal makes some of the best drugstore foundations. I was dubious about how this concoction would turn out but it actually works out quite nicely. Pretty flawless if you ask me! I need to wear this foundation more often! I also used the only contouring product I own, L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Contour Palette (813 Light). I am not a contouring expert so it’s difficult for me to judge this one. Maybe beginners can pick this one up to see what the deal is with contouring and how you like it. I’m not converted yet and the hype is kinda dying down. I am SO late to this party! To add a bit of colour to my cheeks I used Topshop Cream Blush in the shade ‘Head Over Heels’. I think cream blushes are great for summer. I also used the gorgeous looking Bourjois ‘Poudre de Riz’ Illuminating Powder. I don’t know about the practicality of this product but it’s so beautiful and I love having it in my collection. I don’t even feel guilty about it! Now for the eyes, I’ve created a soft luminous look with L’oreal Smoky Eye Shadow Quad in E1 Beige Trench. I am surprised by how much I actually like these shadows. They are very shimmery though, so maybe better for an evening look. I need to remember to pick up some matte and satin shadows from L’Oreal soon. I have 3 liners that I love and use in rotation. NYX Eye Pencil SPE928 Velvet (beautiful in the water line), Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 220 Perfect Plum and L’Oreal Super Liner GelMatic Waterproof in Gold. The drugstore has so many wonderful eyeliners! The mascara I am currently using is a L’Oreal Voluminous one that doesn’t have its name written on the tube (sorry!). It is not the best one that I’ve tried from the brand though. My favourite one is the Voluminous Million Lashes.  Finally, I’m using this Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Medium Brown that I absolutely love and the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush that I think is wonderful for applying foundation and any other cream face product.


Makeup Menu - Drugstore Makeup Look


Voila! We can actually create a pretty decent makeup look with all drugstore, supermarket, pharmacy or even department store, depending on where you live.

Let me just add my two cents here concerning drugstore beauty products. I think it would be easier to pick up the right products if they actually had testers available everywhere and for everybody (in the US is not the case). One of the main reasons why I buy so many high end makeup is because is easily available to swatch and try formulas and colours without looking like I am vandalizing private property! The other day I had a very disappointing conversation with a Sales Assistant at Ulta. She told me to just pick up their most expensive products and forget about drugstore, because basically they would never have testers for those products and that I would keep returning stuff if I was picky about them :/ Not the ideal situation! I am pretty sad about her approach to the topic.

What about you guys? Drugstore fans? Please share the love for your favourite cheaper options!