Interiors | Rainy Weekend Inspiration and Wishlist

I have an obsession with interior design. Maybe it’s because I’m an ‘indoors’ type of person. In my eyes, nothing beats a cozy home, warm blankets, a fireplace (maybe, if you are lucky), lots of cushions, warm drinks, plants and pots, walls covered with art and books… The dream! Ok, here is a confession: I always rather spend the weekend on my couch sipping on a cup of tea, reading or watching some TV, than hiking or exploring some sort of national park… I am that wild!

This weekend we are expecting lost of rain and storms in California (it is actually pouring rain while I type this). I am currently tucked up under a throw with a cup of hot latte in one hand, browsing Pinterest with the other one, and I felt like sharing with you a couple of my favourite interiors of the moment and some home decor items that I have on my wishlist.


General Vibe for the weekend…

Interior Inspiration | Credit: Urban Outfitters

Interior Inspiration | Credit: Urban Outfitters


Interior Inspiration | Credit: Urban Outfitters

Interior Inspiration | Credit: Urban Outfitters


The moodboard/wishlist…

Interiors Inspiration Board 1


From left to right:

  1. Kitchen (it reminds me of the ones in southern Chile but a modern version… hopefully one day!) – Aga Living 
  2. Copper finish dish drainer (because one always needs a new dish drainer, plus copper) – ALKA for Habitat
  3. Geometric textured grey mugs (I love mugs and these ones are too cool) – West Elm
  4. Geometric textured grey jug (to go with the mugs, obvs!) – Deacon for Habitat
  5. Inspiration found on Pinterest (keeping up with my grey, yellow, mid-century obsession) – Apparently pinned from
  6. Colourful and cozy throws (this is the kind of item you think you don’t need but once you have it you can’t live without it) – West Elm
  7. Mosaic chevron pattern lamp (so chic and modern) – Pottery Barn
  8. Concrete and copper sculptural jewelry tree (I need more stylish organization in my life) – West Elm
  9. Mid-century modern yellow armchair (I want to stay tucked up on that chair for days) – Walmart

What are your interior inspirations of the moment? Are you also addicted to Pinterest?

Happy Weekend!