Favourite Nude Lipsticks | Swatches and Comparison

When the sun shines and the temperatures go up I tend to wear more nude lipsticks. I usually prefer deep berry tones and mauvey-rose shades during fall and winter and then when is bright and warm outside I switch to an overall luminous earthy look. Lots of bronze and golden colours, and an understated lip to balance things off.

So, I made a tour of my  MUJI storage today and dusted off my favourite nudes which I am very happy to be reunited with and thought I would share with you!


Nude Lipsticks


Nude Lipsticks


From left to right and in order of personal preference we have: 1. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Barbara (9463), 2. MAC Viva Glam II (AA4) (Satin), 3. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 9 Bare Pink, 4. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in 89 Satisfaction, and 5. The Body Shop Colour Crush in 325 (XKO05CD).


Nude Lipsticks


NARS Barbara is the most pigmented of them all. Some of you might be familiar with this particularly creamy and long lasting formula. When swatched side by side with other lipsticks it might appear dark (less nude) but it’s just due to the impressive pigmentation of the Audacious lipsticks. It definitely looks nude on my lips. Barbara is a peachy beige pink, not too nude, not too deep. It’s my favourite of the bunch because it lasts longer on the lips and is a nude that complements my skin and hair tones well (I am a brunette). Go give it a swatch, it’s really pretty! (For those wondering, Anita is a true pink in comparison to this one which is more muted).


MAC Viva Glam II is truly stunning and it doesn’t get the hype it desserves. Maybe it’s because when one approaches the MAC lipstick counter there is too many choices and it’s difficult to find it. It probably gets lost in an ocean of swatches. I adore this lipstick that I would describe as a more mauvey pink beige shade. Mauve aficionados will love this one! It’s one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time and a really good nude for those who are not feeling the classics Hue, Angel, & Co. The satin finish is a plus too, which in my eyes combines the best of the matte and the creamsheen formulas.


Bobbi Brown Bare Pink I would’ve never chosen this one if it wasn’t for the makeup artist that helped me out when shopping in Bobbi Brown’s stand alone store in Covent Garden. When she came to the rescue I’ve already swatched every nude looking lipstick I’ve found and I couldn’t make up my mind (of course!). I asked her for the closest shade she had to a true nude, not too pink, not too peach. She knew what she was doing when she suggested Bare Pink which is exactly that. The formula is quite creamy with a sheen. It looks very natural and effortless on the lips. If you want a nude that is very easy to apply and to wear this one is your best bet. I think it will suit almost everybody. Bobbi knows best!


CHANEL Satisfaction is part of their Rouge Coco Shine collection. I blindly purchased this one after I saw blogger Tanya Burr wearing it in a couple of tutorials, probably last spring-summer. If I am completely honest I think it suits her better than me… the shade being a tad too peach for me (I think I suit better mauvey beige nudes). The lipstick itself is beautiful and the formula very soft and sheer, almost like a tinted lip balm (but better). I have two other Rouge Coco Shines that I love so I think I might need to find another shade on this range  that could be my perfect nude. Lots of girls love Boy 54 (more pink) and I’ve being eyeing Deauville 67 (more beige)… to be continued.


The Body Shop 325 is the most different of the bunch in terms of formula, colour, and price point. It’s a creamy sheer mauve-beige colour with a bit of golden shimmer running through it. 325 has a summery feel to it and I think it will look wonderful on lips that are more pigmented. It’s fun and different from the cream matte nudes that everybody wears. This is the kind of lipstick you take clubbing during your summer vacations. It will look amazing with a tan.            ps. Brands should name their lipsticks, 325 is not a romantic enough name…


For me a nude is a colour that looks very natural on the lips, like a ‘my lips but better’ kind of shade, and will complement most makeup looks. Easy to wear, barely there.

I think is difficult to find a universal nude lipstick. Look for something that will complement your own skin tone, hair, lip colour and favourite makeup looks.


Favourite Nude Lipsticks swatches side by side and in different lights:


What do you look for in your perfect nude lipstick? Do you have any favourites that you would recommend?