Cropped Palazzo Pants & White Off-The-Shoulder Blouses

I stumbled upon a picture of this very fashionable girl wearing blush pink cropped palazzo pants and my mouth literally dropped. She looked so fresh, and modern, and cool. I wonder if I could pull off that look… How short is too short to wear cropped wide leg pants?



Cropped tailored and colourful palazzo pants (or culottes if you wish) are definitely the hot piece of the season. I think they make a great hybrid. They are a bit palazzo pants, a bit shorts, a bit skirt. They look effortless and so chic.





How good would they look paired with a sharp white off-the-shoulder blouse?



For accessories, I would keep it very simple, modern and why not a bit boho chic too. I think a pair of black chunky heel sandals and a fringe handbag would complete the look nicely.




What do you guys think of this ‘cropped pant/culotte’ trend? Is it for everybody?

I personally love it but I’m still debating whether it’s a good look for me or not… I am 5’2 (1.58mt) and curvy. In any case, I am certainly getting as many off-the-shoulder blouses I can afford and a good pair of black chunky heel sandals. Maybe a regular length palazzo pant will do the trick just as nicely?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! See you next week around this pages! X