CHANEL GIGGLE: The Best Lip Gloss.

The first luxury beauty product I ever bought was a CHANEL lip gloss. Super pink, super sparkly, super fabulous! It was MICA (131). I can’t believe this shade is still sold by CHANEL. I guess I am not the only girly girl who fancies expensive shimmery pink gloss ; ) It is amazing to be fair.

It has been more than ten years since that purchase and I sort of forgot about lip gloss since then. I think I’ve been a bit too busy having a love affair with lipstick…

CHANEL lip glosses will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve even flirted with the idea of getting one or two a couple of times. It didn’t happen until a couple of days ago when my eyes detected the presence of the most perfect shade of gloss ever created: Giggle (46).


Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss Giggle 46 -


If you are not familiar with CHANEL Glossimers (as they call their lip glosses, how chic?!), they are a bit thicker in consistency that your typical lip gloss, comfortable to wear, very glossy,  fairly long-lasting for a gloss and very pigmented. They also layer nicely on top of my usual lipsticks.

They have three types of finishes: sheer (Aqua Glossimers), sheer with shimmer and creamy-opaque. They are all stunning if you ask me. They have a very good selection of shades, from the reds, to the corals, to pinks, to nudes and even a couple of transparent ones. If you look carefully on CHANEL’s website you can clearly see which ones are sheer, shimmery or opaque.





Let’s talk Giggle! Giggle (46) is a dirty rose/mauve opaque and creamy Glossimer. For reference, the colour is very similar to Laura Mercier Brown Sugar, MAC Syrup or Bite Beauty Sake. On the tube it looks more dirty rose but on my lips it certainly looks more mauve. I absolutely love the colour!

Giggle looks a bit similar to the the new NARS Lip Covers, but Overheated is more brown and Get Dirty is more rose, also the NARS consistency is more like an hybrid between a liquid lipstick and a gloss.

Giggle will look more cold tone or more warm tone depending on your own lip colour and whether you want to mix it up with a liner or a lipstick. If you ask me, Soar would be a perfect match to emphasise the mauve undertone of Giggle and Whirl would emphasise the brown-pink more. If you enjoy wearing a lighter nude shade underneath, then Giggle will add a bit of dimension and plumpness (wordreference is telling me it is a word) to the lips.



Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss Giggle 46 -


I didn’t think I would find a lip gloss that I’d love this much at the moment. Everybody has gone mad for the matte liquid lipstick but I think is a great idea to incorporate a gloss for summer. It emphasises the glowy, healthy and sunkissed look I find.

Also, this mauve shade is perfect for me and the finish is not too sheer, not too deep, creamy and glossy without being shimmery. I think I’ve found my perfect grown-up Glossimer. But who knows? Maybe I will end up repurchasing MICA one of these days ; )

What about you guys?! Matte or Gloss for summer? And also, have you found your perfect grown-up lip gloss?