A Couple of New Maybelline Lipsticks for Spring

I was browsing around the aisles of ULTA the other day and decided to get a couple of new drugstore lipsticks to try.

As often, the Maybelline counter was very tempting with all the colours and finishes to choose from. I always tend to go for the rosey-brown ones. They are my favourite shades to wear and my comfort zone also, but lately, I’ve been trying to convince myself to try other shades and more so the particularly terrifying spring shades. Meaning pinks and peachy-nudes. That’s exactly what I ended up buying.


Maybelline Spring Lipsticks


Maybelline Spring Lipsticks


I picked up 450 Romantic Rose (color sensational rebel bloom) and 655 Darling Nude (color sensational creamy matte). I love the packaging of this lipsticks specially the one from the bloom collection, such a fun color!


Maybelline Spring Lipsticks


Darling nude is a matte peachy-nude lipstick with a little touch of brown and pink running through it that makes it work for my skin tone. I think people who are scared to wear shades that are either too nude or too peach but want something along those lines that looks fresh and pretty on the lips will like this one. I think Darling Nude looks like MAC’s Kinda Sexy with a bit of  Velvet Teddy mixed in. The matte formula is not as creamy as I wish it was but I think is a great alternative for those who don’t want to buy lipsticks that are too expensive. Specially when trying new shades for the spring season.


Maybelline Nude Matte Lipstick


Maybelline Darling Nude Swatches

Maybelline 655 Darling Nude matte lipstick – Swatches in different lights


Romantic Rose is a true medium pink tone. Looking at the bullet and taking the name into consideration I thought this would be a rosey-pink shade but really is more of a cold tone medium pink. I wish ULTA had testers! (non sense that a store like this doesn’t have testers for their drugstore products). Anyway, cause I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone I will embrace the pink! … and I can always mix it up with a lip liner underneath if needed. The finish of this lipstick is very nice and feels hydrating on the lips. I think this sort of shade looks wonderful on fair skin girls and deep skin tones too, not too sure for light to medium skin tones… what do you guys think? What eyeshadow and blusher  should I pair this lipstick with?


Maybelline Lipstick Romantic Rose


Maybelline Romantic Rose Swatches

Maybelline 450 Romantic Rose lipstick – Swatches in different lights


Overall, I think Maybelline lipsticks are lovely. Great price point and they always have shades that are on trend. If you are thinking of getting some new colours for the spring season or you just want to experiment with shades that are out of your comfort zone, give them a try!

Have a lovely Sunday everybody! X