A Case for Brown Liquid Liner

The black cat eye must be one of the most timeless and coveted eye makeup looks there is. It certainly makes a statement as it defines the eyes and brings attention to them.

For summer though, I have to confess that I am not too comfortable rocking the good old black liquid liner. I think it can look a bit heavy and weight down the lightness of a more luminous summery look. With the arrival of the sunny days I dust off my brown liquid liners! Here is the break down!


Brown Liquid Liner - Revlon, Lancome, Maybeline - casalorena.com


Brown liquid liner can give as much definition to the eyes as black liquid liner does but still look effortless and bright. I love how well it complements a summery, golden, sunkissed makeup look.

I currently have three different brown liquid liners that I use in rotation. One old favourite and a couple of drugstore liners that have a less traditional warm bronze undertone to them.


Brown Liquid Liner - Revlon, Lancome, Maybeline - casalorena.com

Brown Liquid Liner - Revlon, Lancome, Maybeline - casalorena.com

Revlon Skinny Liner in Mahogany (top) – Maybelline Master Duo in Bronzed Shimmer (center) – Lancome Art Liner in Brown (bottom)


Lancome Art Liner ‘Brown‘ (02) has been a long time favourite of mine! The product itself is very long-lasting and pigmented, and the wand very easy to maneuver. The actual colour is a deep chocolate brown. This liner is a classic for good reason! I would highly recommend picking one up (brown or black) if you are looking for a new liquid liner to try.

Maybelline Master Duo by Eye Studio ‘Bronzed Shimmer‘ (525) is a warm medium brown liquid liner with an almost terracotta undertone to it (don’t be fooled by the name, it is not at all shimmery!). The product is quite runny and not the most long-lasting out there but the shade is different from any other brown liquid liner I’ve tried (or swatched). I’m still trying to master the application though. The Master Duo allows you to create either a very fine line or a more thick flick. As I type this I’ve only been able to design the later.

Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner ‘Mahogany Flame‘ (303) is my latest discovery and a big favourite already. Mahogany is a luminous soft bronze shade with some gold shimmer running through it. The brush is very thin and allows you to achieve a very dainty flick or a more chubby line. I don’t think this product is waterproof but it has lasted the whole day on my lids under the heavy California sun. Big love for this one! A summer fave for sure!


Brown Liquid Liner SWATCHES - Revlon Mahogany Skinny Liner, Maybelline Bronzed Shimmer Master Duo, Lancome Brown Art Liner - casalorena.com

Revlon Mahogany Skinny Liner (left), Maybelline Bronzed Shimmer Master Duo (center), Lancome Brown Art Liner (right)


My big favourite of the moment is Revlon’s Skinny Liner. I absolutely adore the shade! Luminous and easy to wear. The application is effortless and the skinny brush makes it very difficult to mess up the flick. I like the price of this one too!

I’m not too sure about Maybelline’s Master Duo… The shade is not what I expected and I think I have to keep practising the flick with this one.

As for the Lancome one, it will always be a staple in my collection. In either brown or black. A good old solid classic!